Water Heaters in Shrewsbury, MA

Water Heaters can lose efficiency or stop working entirely as they get older. Yearly inspections can catch potential problems with your water heaters system before you are left in the cold...!
With service for your electric and gas hot-water heaters, you always have access to the hot water you need. We have all of the thermal coupler and electric elements for most major brands of hot-water heaters. Also, we offer complete replacement for leaking tanks.
At Collins Appliance Service, we have the product experience and training to provide you with the best and most cost effective services for your water heater system.
We can often have your water heater back in working order within hours with our prompt, same-day service in most cases. You can rely on Collins Appliance Service for all of your water heater needs, commercial or residential, large or small.
Modern Water Heater - Water heater in Shrewsbury, MA
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